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Delegates to the 2024 conference and exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, on 30 April to 2 May 2024, will have the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in water network management technology with Ovarro.  

As a solutions provider for critical assets and infrastructure, Ovarro will be showcasing cutting-edge tools that are helping global water utilities and municipalities in Australia and New Zealand, and around the world, improve operational efficiency and reduce non-revenue water.  

These include: 

Remote telemetry with Kingfisher   

The Kingfisher CP-35 remote telemetry unit (RTU) was selected by Hastings District Council and Napier City Council, both in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The two local authorities wanted a single, standardised remote telemetry solution to be deployed across all their water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and treatment plant infrastructure.  

The new solution would replace the outdated programmable logic controllers (PLCs), aged RTUs and analogue radios installed across the sites, while also simplifying technological requirements for their maintenance teams. They also wanted to reduce the need to stock spare parts from multiple vendors.  

Ovarro’s Kingfisher CP-35 remote RTUs were chosen as the best solution, having already proved successful when implemented across the water infrastructure in the city of Auckland. Supported by Ovarro’s local distributor, CSE W Arthur Fisher, the Kingfisher RTUs were installed across the Hawke’s Bay region’s wastewater and water treatment sites, reservoirs and pump stations, replacing outdated PLCs with a uniform technology.  

A representative from Napier City Council said: “With Ovarro’s Kingfisher C-35 RTUs, a single, standardised remote telemetry solution has been successfully rolled-out across the region — delivered on time, on budget, and it continues to operate extremely well.” 

Pressure management with TBox LT2 

TBox LT2 is an RTU and process controller, which was successfully deployed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Pressure management of the water distribution system in Ho Chi Minh City was a slow and manual process. The system required loggers to report on system pressures daily and make manual adjustments to the valves. The managing organisation, SAWACO, was seeking a more modern approach.  

The organisation required real-time information on water network pressure and improvements on remote monitoring and control of valves. Phap Tri Technology, a provider of automation solutions and services and an Authorised Ovarro Partner (AOP) provided SAWACO with a SCADA solution based on Ovarro’s TBox LT2. 

Data from the TBox LT2 is reported back to SAWCO’s the central control room for the water network, where it is displayed on a Web-based SCADA system and overlayed on a city map. The reporting includes real-time notifications of events and real-time access to system-wide pressure information.  

Automatic control of pressure in the water distribution system has improved the overall management and maintenance requirements of the network. Automated valves allow SAWACO to direct staff away from the time consuming, manual task and assign them to more productive activities. End-users have also benefited from this increased capacity from maintenance staff. Response times have improved and there is less downtime on the system.  

A representative from SAWACO said, “Ho Chi Minh City’s population of 9 million deserves a water system that operates with minimal disruption. With the TBox LT2 and technology from Ovarro, the water network is fit for the future.” 

Flow-logging with XiLogFlow  

XiLogFlow is a new plug-and-play flow logger for both large and small facilities, launched in December 2023, in response to the current market need for products that are lower in cost and simple to use.  

The loggers can support multiple applications in commercial, industrial and public sector facilities. Improvements in battery power means the logger can capture meter readings every 15 minutes, which are uploaded once a day. All data collated by XiLogFlow is presented in LoggerVision, found within Ovarro’s analytics platform Atrium.  

Leak detection with EnigmaREACH 

EnigmaREACH, now on trial and soon to launch globally, is a lift-and-shift correlating hub that can pinpoint leaks across the whole network , It offers mass logger deployment and expanded network coverage with fewer loggers.  The all-in-one solution combines up to 64 loggers with a tablet and a single app for logger deployment, retrieval and follow-up. It includes access to Ovarro’s Atrium LeakInsight analytics platform.  

Ovarro’s regional manager Paul Stute said: “We are looking forward to showcasing Ovarro’s latest developments in the field of water network management and leakage detection with delegates at Ozwater, which is the largest water and wastewater event in the southern hemisphere. 

“Ovarro’s focus is to support our clients in maintaining reliable and robust water networks and to ultimately secure future supplies for utilities and municipalities in Australia and around the world. Ozwater provides a platform to discuss recent case studies in more detail, as well as talk about our soon-to-launch next generation products.”  

Ovarro product line manager Etienne Clauw said: “Ozwater 24’s theme is accelerating action, which aligns with our mission to collaborate and innovate to ensure a system of safe and sustainable water management now and in the future. We look forward to discussing new ideas and solutions with the global water community.”  

Ovarro will be at exhibition booth P12, Ozwater 24, Melbourne, from 30 April to 2 May 2024.