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About us

We help ambitious companies grow

WiseOnWater is a business-to-business media and communications agency specialising in partnerships with technology and engineering companies in the water and wastewater sector. We are passionate about helping to accelerate the uptake of new innovations, because of the critical role science, engineering and technology play in responding to the global water scarcity crisis.

Unlock the full potential of your innovation

WiseOnWater has a strategy-first approach, dedicated to presenting your product or service in the best possible light, using meaningful targeted messages. We will work collaboratively to craft bespoke marketing and PR strategies that reflect your brand values and help you maximise your lead generation.

Experts in writing technical copy

With decades of experience, WiseOnWater can simplify the technically complex and delivering information in an original and refreshingly straightforward way. As former editors and journalists in water and trade media, the copy we create is designed to appeal to specialist editors and reporters because it is well written, accurate and relevant. It shares and highlights the advantages of our clients’ products and services in relation to the wider context of the global water sector.

Many of our clients have chosen to work with us long-term

We are super-friendly, incredible flexible and trusted by our clients. We are always fully transparent from the first consultation through to the final results on completion of each project. The majority of our clients choose to work with us long-term because of the excellent results we have continued to deliver them. Check out our case studies to learn more.

Free consultation

If you need support in kickstarting your communications campaign or achieving your business goals, we can help. We offer a 30-45 minute consultation to clarify how we can support your business and give you some practical tips on how to get started.