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Why choose us?

We are experts at communicating in the water and wastewater sector

Some of the world’s most exciting and innovative technology companies have chosen to work with WiseOnWater, because we consistently get such great results. We have a proven track record in securing valuable media coverage for our clients and delivering them exciting new opportunities for their business. Many of our clients choose to work with us long-term and we have had the pleasure of watching their businesses develop and grow over the years.

Why choose WiseOnWater?


WiseOnWater has decades of specialist experience and knowledge, having run hundreds of successful PR and marketing campaigns. We are experts at presenting complex technical products and services in a clear and persuasive way.


WiseOnWater has an extensive network of influential contacts in the media and thousands of senior connections working in the water and wastewater sector. We know our audience and what interests them, so we can create innovative marketing campaigns that get incredible results.


WiseOnWater only works with clients where we feel we can add real value. We take the time to get to know your brands and business goals, so we can create customer-centric campaigns that match the unique needs of your target audience.


WiseOnWater work in very close collaboration with our clients, to produce tailored solutions that suit the values of the business. We understand the sensitivities of the water sector and take great care to maintain and build the relationships our clients have with other stakeholders.


At WiseOnWater we are fully transparent with our costs and always include a full estimated breakdown of time required to complete a project with our proposals. We will also include detailed feedback and reports of the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.


We are passionate about supporting companies in the water and wastewater sector because we understand the crucial role that they are playing in transitioning to a water secure planet.

Flexible communications solutions for ambitious brands

WiseOnWater offer flexible terms to suit your individual business requirements. If you need an on-going relationship, then a monthly retainer could work best or alternatively boost your capability and capacity with a one-off project.

Free consultation

If you need support in kickstarting your communications campaign or achieving your business goals, we can help. We offer a 30-45 minute consultation to clarify how we can support your business and give you some practical tips on how to get started.